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Gas Line – The gas required to run a natural gas or propane swimming pool or spa heater is required to come from the source of the gas, either the natural gas meter or propane tank. Gas stub outs on the wall of the house generally will not allow enough flow to properly operate a gas swimming pool or spa heater. An exception might be in new construction where the gas line running through the house is sized properly to support a swimming pool or spa heater.

Grading – Unless agreed upon otherwise, including grading for items not included in a swimming pool or spa construction agreement are not included. A good example of this is decking. Unless the decking is included in a swimming pool or spa construction agreement, the grading for the decking is not included. This may include hauling away extra dirt. It is a good idea to have the decking contractor on site some time during the excavation process to advise.

Gunite – The application under air pressure of a dry mixture of sand and cement with water added at the nozzle.

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