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Top Quality Equipment

To help you keep you new pool clean and maintenance free for years to come, every pool we build, no matter the size or price will include the same top quality construction and top quality equipment. It will also include the following list of standard options to ensure your pool will be easy to keep clean and as maintainance free as we can make it.

Why do we go this far?

It’s important for you to be happy with your new pool when it’s finished but it’s more important to us for you to be still happy years later.

Most of our business comes from customer referrals and we are trying to keep it that way.

Standard Options:

  • Oversize filters
  • Oversize whisper Flow motors
  • Automatic Chlorinator
  • Large 400,000 BTU heater (with spes)
  • 2 Skimmers (Both skimmers and main drain are piped seperately to the equipment with seperate Jandy walves)
  • 2 main drains (for cleaning and safety)
  • Automatic overflow line
  • Water fill line
  • Flagstone or brick coping with your choice of tile
  • 2 coats of white marble plaster
  • Automatic dual timers with freeze protection