Pool Features

There are many special touches that can be added to enhance your backyard pool. Consider a sparkling fountain, or a waterfall tumbling across layers of natural stone or slate as it makes it way back to your pool. Rock formations, both natural and faux, are now available in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. We can design a lagoon-like area or a spectacular waterfall with secluded grotto to rival those made by Mother Nature.

Adding a dive rock tells the young swimmers where they can dive. Bordering the steps, benches and shelves with tile helps them to be seen underwater. There are several types of decking to choose from; pea gravel, colored spray decking and flagstone are the most popular. Adding accents to your pool’s deck with other materials gives your backyard a more personal and unique look.

Enhanced Waterscapes

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The beauty of water comes alive with the mesmerizing sounds and sparkling sights of a well-designed oasis. To maximize your enjoyment, we offer custom waterscapes that capitalize on your pool’s design, location, and cardinal orientation. From infinity-edge borders to multicolored fiber optics, Koi ponds to meditation pools, garden walkways to niche arbors – we do it all.

Using only rich, natural foliage and environmentally sound construction, we strive to match your needs for open privacy without curbing the pleasures of your backyard living area. You’ll have a safe and beautiful ambiance in which to celebrate birthdays, host formal pool-side dinner parties or simply relax with a good book and your favorite beverage.

Custom Designed Spas

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Health and relaxation are benefits expected from owning and using your pool. And a heated spa is the perfect complement. Several jets of high-pressure heated water massage your body to re-energize and refresh you. Our spas not only invigorate your body, they also provide visually pleasing components for your backyard haven. Let us design your dream spa whether circular, rectangular, or oblique. 
Our spas can be encircled with lush gardens and bordered with unique tile artistry to offset or compliment your custom pool design.

Spas are the consummate indulgence after a long day and for entertaining friends in your personal paradise retreat. Best of all, a spa can be used at any time of day.

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